Los Angeles, CA - Katherine Anne Lewis is a Feng Shui Master and Founder of Harmony and Balance, inc.

Her journey began studying the “Tibetan Tantric Black Hat Sect” and the “Luo Pan Compass” methods of Feng Shui over thirteen years ago. She received her initial certification from an International Certified Tibetan Grand Master and is one of only a handful of masters practicing in Los Angeles. Katherine Anne was also chosen by the Los Angeles Magazine as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Los Angeles.

Katherine Anne grew up in Greensboro, North Carolina. She attended Carnegie Mellon University, and was a corporate tax specialist. Katherine Anne decided she needed a change, and moved to Los Angeles where she ran the accounting department of an entertainment company. She perused a successful acting career, appearing in more than 20 commercials, plays, and movies. She also worked as a model. Although Katherine Anne enjoyed her dual careers, she always felt there was something missing in her life.

Her studies began with Feng Shui when she almost died of pneumonia. A close friend visiting brought her a book on Feng Shui. The friend thought it might help Katherine Anne with her health situation. After reading the book and applying some basic principles, Katherine Anne’s health improved, and she fell in love with Feng Shui and began to study intensely.

By word of mouth, Katherine Anne began her Feng Shui consulting business, working first with individual clients. In 1999 she established Harmony and Balance and immediately began consulting on large commercial projects. The company’s clients include celebrities, interior designers, architects, developers, studios, and corporate leaders all over the country. 

Harmony and Balance Feng Shui-ed “The Grove” at Third/Fairfax, a 600,000 square foot shopping center in Los Angeles, from inception to completion. The Grove is consistently ranked one of the top five tourist attractions along with Disneyland and Universal Studios. She also worked on the multi-million dollar mixed-used project, “Americana at Brand,” in Glendale, California. Besides the California area, Katherine Anne has worked with clients from coast to coast. She has witnessed tremendous changes in the lives of her clients resulting from her suggested environmental changes through Feng Shui. Her clients have enhanced their productivity in their business, careers, relationships in love and business, increased fame and recognition, as well as health and prosperity. Recently, she has been able to celebrate the great news of several clients who became pregnant after enhancing the “children” life area.

She is also a nominee for the award, “Woman Who Make a Difference,” by the Los Angeles Business Journal. In addition, she is the host of the DVD “Feng Shui for Dummies.”

Katherine Anne believes that in five years, like yoga, Feng Shui will be a common practice with individuals and the corporate world. She has already seen first hand, the corporate world embrace her Feng Shui.

She resides in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter. Her lifelong study of the ancient art of placement includes trips to China and Hong Kong, where she continues to refine her craft, studying with many of the great grandmasters.

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