Feng Shui Overview

Feng Shui (pronounced “Fung Shway”) is a 4,000-year-old ancient Chinese art of placement to create harmony and balance in your home, office, or buildings. Feng Shui first began with mathematicians and scientists in China and was originally designed exclusively for the emperor. This particular art form combines many Eastern philosophies. Today, Feng Shui is such a highly regarded practice that nearly all homes, buildings, and gardens in China have been Feng Shuied.

Feng Shui allows adjustments to the home, or office, that can transform environments and ultimately change lives for the better.

There are many schools of Feng Shui; the “Tibetan Black Hat Sect” is the one most widely used in the United States and Europe. Because of its more simplistic and flexible system it is more easily accepted by Western culture.

Katherine Anne Lewis of Harmony and Balance™ uses a “Ba-gua” map, which is an octagon shape template, to identify the nine corresponding life areas in homes, offices, businesses and gardens. The nine life areas are Career, Health, Wealth, Fame/Recognition, Knowledge, Family, Creativity/Children, Helpful People/Travel, and Relationships. It is a collaborative process in which clients share with the consultant which life areas they wish to enhance or change.

A Feng Shui consultant suggests “cures,” which are adjustments to bring harmony and balance, and, if properly identified and executed, achieve the desired intention for that particular life area. Some examples of Tibetan Black Hat Sect “cures” in the home may include changes in furniture arrangement, color, water fountains, plants, wind chimes, or even lamps.

As Katherine Anne Lewis simply says about the power of Feng Shui, “ Clear the clutter, to clear the mind, to open your heart, to receive your wishes.”

Big projects that involve construction utilize the "Luo Pan Compass" school of Feng Shui as physical intractable aspects of the land determine where the life areas exist. All projects large and small involve blessing the land or space and honoring ones ancestors.

Harmony and Balance frequently works with real estate agents, who call to have properties Feng Shui-ed before putting them on the market. These buildings seem to sell faster than those which have not had their ‘energy’ shifted and been properly aligned.

Another application for Feng Shui is working on a property that has been on the market a long time and making adjustments, which often results in a sale right away. In California, buyers will commission Harmony and Balance to look at the property before they purchase.

The awareness of Feng Shui is growing throughout the United States. There are unlimited possibilities and benefits with applying Feng Shui to all areas of your life such as gardens, offices, desks, nurseries, weddings, and even your clothes.

Harmony and Balance™ is a Certified Feng Shui consultancy, with practices in Los Angeles, and New York. The founder and principal, Katherine Anne Lewis, is a nationally renowned speaker on Feng Shui and has appeared on multiple television shows and in magazines across America. For appointments email us info@harmonyandbalance.com or call 1-888-525-1629.

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