Newsletter : Feng Shui Remedies : "MOUTH OF CHI"

In creating a peaceful & tranquil home, you must not forget the front porch. Every time you open your front door, you have the option of creating positive energy/chi to flow into your home. We have a tendency to neglect this area because we don't spend much time in this location.

The first Feng Shui remedy is to sweep the front porch & get rid of any cobwebs. Dirt and cobwebs create stagnant energy.

Next, with a mixture consisting of three drops of bleach for every five gallons of water, wipe down any furniture that you may have on the front porch, as well as your front door and the numbers on your house. This will get rid of the old energy, and give you a clean slate for a fresh start.

Plants are an essential element and Feng Shui cure to add to your porch. Denominations of three, five or seven are best. Live plants create good health, prosperity, and ground the energy into your home. The plants need not be the same size nor should they be bunched together in one location. Your front porch should be inviting, alive and make you feel welcome.

Next, turn your porch lights on for ten minutes a night for twenty seven straight days. This Feng Shui remedy activates the career life area by helping to move it along.

Remember, when you open your front door/mouth of chi, your goal is to bring in calm, positive, live energy to circulate throughout your home. This way, your home will feel harmonious and balanced.

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